Covid-19 effected? Learn how to increase your body oxygen level

how to increase your body oxygen level

News Desk, Ekush Amar, Dhaka:
This is the major issue in this year. Thousands of people effected with Covid-19. Thus human body oxygen level decreased. You have to learn how to increase your body oxygen level.

Naturally you can do it easily. By taking breathe fresh air from outside your window can be the best way. Sometimes open your windows and gets fresh air. Some times you can go the local field or the lake or the garden. This can gives your lots of fresh air. Fresh air increase your body oxygen level. And it’s true naturally.

Blood Oxygen Level: How to Increase It:

We all know that now blood delivers oxygen to all of cells. We breathe and draw fresh oxygen into your lungs, red blood cells bind with the oxygen and carry it through your bloodstream. This is the first part. 2nd part, a cellular level, oxygen helps replace cells that wear out. This process gives you with energy, supports your immune system, and more. This is very important. This always make sure your blood oxygen level isn’t too high or too low. By the different methods with your doctor you can increase your blood oxygen level.

You can measured blood oxygen, also called oxygen saturation, with a pulse oximeter. This clip device you can easily measured your body oxygen level at home or others.

You know there are several people asking for the oxygen. Corona effected people increasing day by day. World Health Organization ( WHO ) already publish the weekly report for Bangladesh. They said, day by day Corona or Covid-19 single-day infection rate keeps rising in Bangladesh. Last 24 hours this become blast in nationwide. Country has recorded more than 8 thousands Covid-19 cases. `At least 143 died today in Bangladesh.

Not only doctor said, people knows, 90% of our energy comes from oxygen . This is why oxygen is the most important for your life. you can maintain this oxygen level. And can Increase easily by this following 5 simple tips.

5 important ways for more oxygen:

  1. Get fresh air
    Most important things. Always go to outside when you bored. This bring you additional amounts of oxygen to the lungs.
  2. Drink water
    Experiment shows that lose average about 400 milliliters of water per day. This can be back by drink fresh water.
  3. Eat iron-rich foods
    This kind of foods really important for your life and your body. Certain foods can help improve the oxygen levels in your blood.
  4. Exercise
    Not to saying more things about this exercise. This is gives your happy and healthy life. Daily basis exercise give your like a happy training. This training methods to increase the oxygen level.
  5. Train your breathing
    Exercise alone is not enough if you want to improve the quality of your breathing since training provides no guarantee that you are actually utilizing the capacity of your lungs and oxygen uptake. Breathing is, however, vital in order to increase our oxygen level.

If you want to happy and healthy life you can do this. Corona or Covid-19 period is so harmful for human world. Thus process gives your nice and balanced oxygen level in your body. So, Follow this steps and gets best oxygen level life. Thanks for reading this article.