Corona died today in Bangladesh: Covid-19 toll in Bangladesh 143 deaths, 8,301 cases

Corona died today in Bangladesh: Covid-19 toll in Bangladesh 143 deaths 8301 cases

News Desk, Ekush Amar, Dhaka:
Day by day Corona or Covid-19 single-day infection rate keeps rising in Bangladesh. Last 24 hours this become blast in nationwide. Country has recorded more than 8 thousands Covid-19 cases. `At least 143 died today in Bangladesh.

Today 1st July of 2021. Bangladesh has recorded highest rate of Covid-19 cases. The weekly update given by world health organization. Barisal division comes to the top position. Cases rate for infection increase as 118.9%. They are now top in Bangladesh.

143 people died ovarall in Bangladesh. Dhaka division 35 person, Rajshahi division 19 person, khulna division 46 person, barishal division 8 person, Sylhet division 7 person, Rangpur divison 10 person and Maymansing division persons died for Covid-19 cases.

Dhaka division comes 2nd position in this week. Regular reports comes from WHO. They collection the report as from 21st June to 28th June. Lowest infection rate comes Rajshahi Division. This division cought 7 thousands and 135 cases. This division raise to 12.4%.

Countrywide Lock Down From Today:
Thousands of corona affected today in Bangladesh. This is why govt takes action for the country. 7 day lock down comes from today. 1st July of 2021. Corona percentage in Bangladesh today really increasing. Already died 143 people today. As for this result lock down declared in Bangladesh. The worldometer bangladesh today is high. The worldometer coronavirus Bangladesh is also high. This is really badly bangladesh situation today for the Covid-19. Now Bangladesh and covid these two points comes to one point. Corona cases in Bangladesh today seeps jump machine. Take care of you and your family for this situation. Maintain the lock down and gets safe.