All New Mobile Need To Registration From 1st July 2021

Mobile Phone Registration Process

News Desk, Ekush Amar, Dhaka:
After mobile buying & bringing mobile from abroad you should do this process. Govt already told that all new mobile need to registration from 1st July 2021. BTRC, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has already taken some initiative. All kind of smartphones or buttoned feature phones will automatically registered by the 30th of June.

You must do this process from this month of July. Otherwise you lost the mobile accessible issue. Smartphone of button phones will blocking by the cause of illegal issues. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission told that, from this month public will gets many kinds of facilities by this system. So, this is your choice. If you do this you will fine. Otherwise you may suffer many problem.

As a press brief, BTRC told, from the 1st of July, any unauthorized, cloned or counterfeit handsets bought by evading tax or illegal means will no longer get registered or work. So everyone will have to register their handsets.

There are some additional details regarding the policy for New Mobile:

  1. BTRC plans to launch a National Equipment Identification Registrar (NEIR). Effect from this July.
  2. This will synchronise the data of the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the handset, the number (MSISDN) of the SIM card, and the biometric contacts of the customers with the SIM cards.
  3. People who don’t follow the process customer will not be able to use sim services such as mobile data usage or call related services.

The question is coming million of people uses old set. And million of people buy the mobile set from country’s market. What should they do? Answer is, they don’t need to worry. They will automatically registration. This big initiative is being taken to stop illegal phone imports. Also for the mitigate the hazards of theft or cloning, ensure the security of customer information. And prevent fraudulent activities by easily identifying or tracking criminals.

Follow the registration process:

For the registration process you should follow some rules. This is very easy and govt showing the lite registration process. Just follow the below ruls.

  1. One can verify the validity of their phones by dialling *16161#. They can also check the legal status of a phone by typing “KYD15 digit IMEI number” and sending the message to 16002. A reply SMS will confirm the legitimacy of the handset.
  2. If the IMEI number of the mobile phone set is known, the IMEI number will be available if one goes to the dial option and presses *#06#. It is also written in the mobile box or the attached sticker in the back of the handset.
  3. Customers can get this service at existing citizen portals and customer care centres of mobile phone operators by visiting the weblink.

Buying new phone:

Every customer, from July 1, while buying handsets locally or bringing them from abroad, will need to check the legal status of a mobile phone before buying it and then preserve the receipt. The handset has to be verified before buying it. Once the handset is purchased, if it is found to be invalid, it can be returned at full price by showing the receipt. If the selling company does not want to cooperate, necessary actions can be taken by informing BTRC about the matter.

Selling Mobile Phone:

Not to worry for the selling your mobile phone. Govt also show how to sell your old or new mobile set. If anybody wants to sell a handset, they can go to a customer care centre and deregister the IMEI numbers from their NIDs. The new buyers of the handsets will be able to register the handset in their name.